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Lending a Helping Hand

I was travelling with Vistara from Kochi to Delhi on flight UK 882 and reached the Kochi airport at 07:50 pm ahead of flight’s expected departure at 09:50 pm. Much to my shock, I mistook my flight to be in the evening, when the flight had already departed in the morning at 09:50 am. Adding to my woes was the airport security staff disallowing entry inside the terminal owing to the lapsed time. I, then approached Vistara ground staff member, Tony Chacko who informed me about the flight status and the next available flight. I was in distress as my home was five hours away from the airport and I did not have any family member in the city who could help me. My husband based in Dubai was equally anxious regarding the situation. Seeing my plight, Vistara ground staff member, Rini Abraham offered her place to the me for a night stay as the next available flight was in the morning. I was deeply touched by this gesture and readily agreed to stay at Rini’s place. The worries did not end there as it was raining heavily and Rini’s mode of transport was a two-wheeler. With no respite from the rain, Vistara ground staff members Shiran Yesodharan and Tony Chacko volunteered to drop me and Rini to her residence which was almost 30 kms away from the airport, only to return home well past midnight and promptly reporting for an early morning shift the next day.