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Following the Footsteps

Coming from a humble background, my parents had always dreamt of my career as an aircraft engineer. My ambition, however, was to become an Army officer, taking inspiration from my father who was an Army personnel. Being unable to achieve my dream of enlisting in the Army resulted in a lot of disappointment. My father, who is an aviation enthusiast, encouraged me to build a career in civil aviation.

I shifted my focus towards aircraft engineering as a career option to achieve my father’s dream. My family includes my mother, father, three brothers and a sister. I am the eldest among my siblings. Despite our meagre means, our parents managed to provide us the right education and I graduated from Hindustan Academy of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Lucknow with a good score. Even though I was one step closer to my father’s dream of becoming an aircraft engineer, little did I realise that the on-the-job training would be a paid one. This left me disheartened as I had very limited financial means and would’ve been unable to afford the training. However, I decided not to give up and joined another domestic airline as a loader. This gave me access to the engineering department to understand its nuances. I got an opportunity to work as an Engineering Assistant while also earning to support my on-the-job training in the future. This wasn’t an easy task as I had to initially work in different departments such as the cleaning department and water-waste servicing, before getting the opportunity to work in the engineering department. I started working as an engineering helper during the day and was also working the night shift at the airport. The period between April 2012 to January 2013 was a time of extreme struggle that enabled me to arrange enough financial means to afford the training. After I quit my job as an engineering assistant, I enrolled for my on-the-job training in Mumbai. Then I joined another domestic airline as a Trainee Technician and worked there for four years. Soon after, I joined Vistara for B1 (Mechanical-Airframe & Engines) full course and upon completion, started working as an aircraft maintenance engineer with the airline, thus achieving my father’s dream.
Vistara has given me many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. The aspect I enjoy the most about my job is that there is never a dull moment and you keep learning something new. It’s a round-the-clock job that requires us to ensure the aircraft does not undergo a technical problem with passengers onboard. For engineers, our life mostly revolves around checking the status of an aircraft at the break of dawn and ensuring that it is snag-free. Having said that, despite working in a high-pressure environment, I still manage to find time for myself and my family due to the open-minded culture that we follow at Vistara. My peers and seniors have always supported me in maintaining a work-life balance. During my free time, I enjoy playing chess and I have also won inter-college chess tournaments in the past. I also indulge in outdoor sports such as cricket to remain fit and active. Nothing matches the feeling of being a part of one of the fastest growing airlines in the country. They say sky is the limit, but the possibilities for growth at Vistara are limitless.